October 19, 2009

George and Lito's, Halifax

The time has come, my cheesy little padowans, for Nachos Abroad to present its very first Nacho review!!! Yay!

I suspect that this first entry will remain very close to me, sentimentally. Therefore, I decided devote this, my first ever quasi-legitimate food review, to checking out the spread at a little restaurant that is close to me, geopraphically.

George and Lito's is a charming little corner restaurant in the heart of Central Halifax. I have been there for drinks once before this, they make a thrifty SuaLua (pineapple juice and pink champagne) that is quite delicious... so I was delighted to hear that they had Nachos on their menu and decided to go for it.

As far as presentation goes, it was satisfactory; pretty standard colors and cutesy little cups of sour cream and salsa, an all around appetizing looking dish. 1 out of 1 points awarded.

When it comes to bulk, these Nachos were a bit on the skimpy side. You can see that the majority of toppings are in one big clump, right on top, which lead to a notable lack of remaining toppings when we weren't even half way through the chips. A stingy "topping to chip" ratio is a cardinal sin in my world, so I wasn't exceptionally impressed. Additionally, I paid around 9 bucks for this little experiment, and soon found myself eating some plain tortilla chips with the little salsa I had left. Again, not pleased. Zero out of 1 point awarded

Those chips that were appropriately covered in toppings were fairly tasty. I wasn't blown out of the water by their flavor, but I did certainly enjoy my meal. I was surprised that there were no jalepenos, and there was a notably stong onion taste, which I believe to be a result of the generous amount of white onion sprinkled over top of the dish. Because there was nothing really special about them beyond the heavy handed serving of onions, but I did like the Nachos overall; I give them a respectable 1.5 out of 3 points for taste.

One thing that I will applaud George and Lito's for is their use of fresh veggies. I was pleased to see that everything seemed to have been prepared to order, I'd wager a bet that the chunks of produce I received were part of a whole vegetable until the moment I ordered them. Their chips were fresh, but I'm pretty sure they came out of a bulk bag of white corn tortilla, so that was sort of a let down. I wasn't impressed with their cheese choice, either. Instead of being fun and stringy or melty, I had to deal with a less than flexible fromage, which only leads to broken chips and sadness. No es bueno. So, based on their redeeming use of fresh veggies (which is invaluable, in my opinion) I give the boys 2 out of 3 points fore quality.

Overall Mark/Miscellaneous points:
I was impressed with the option to opt for the "Mediterranean" option, which adds feta cheese and green olives, or to add chicken for a nominal fee of 2 dollars (I've been to places that charge $4) However, I had to wait 50 minutes to receive Nachos that, honestly, just barely made par in most categories. I'll give them a generous 1.5 out of 3 miscellaneous points... with emphasis on the "generous" part.

So, if my running total is correct, this brings George and Lito's to a mediocre 6 of 11 points.

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone looking for Nachos, but keep in mind that SuaLua I mentioned earlier, at $3.50, you can't really beat the deal.

Chips and Dips.